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What are James and Chris doing?
I've spend many hours working on the MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team (SEVT). I've put together this page to give a brief description of what I've done on the team.

Racing Manta Elite: ASC 2001

Racing around the track at qualifiers

Andrew applying tape in Barstow, CA
After my freshman year, I went with the team to the American Solar Challenge. The race was from Chicago to LA along historic Route 66 (read: has not been repaved anytime recently). We had a bit of a bumpy ride; our new lithium-ion battery pack was nice and light, but our protection circuitry was unreliable. We ended up placing tenth out of thirty teams.

Building Tesseract

Plugs being moved around the factory that made our molds

Nathan wiring the battery pack
We were deterimined after ASC 2001 to build a winning car. We designed a new body that was narrower than the previous one (to meet new rules). I also built a new battery controller, much more advanced and robust than the previous one. And most importantly, it is a new color: black.

Racing Tesseract: WSC 2003

above: Tesseract racing in the Outback, travelling about 60 mph.
right: Tesseract getting an early-morning charge on the side of the road.
Tesseract and the team flew to Australia in October 2003 to participate in WSC 2003. We were relatively prepared for the race, the car looks slick (although you can judge for yourself), and we raced a clean race. Thanks to a new 25.5 percent efficient array, we placed third behind Aurora (Melbourne, Aus) and Nuna (Netherlands).

MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team - The website for the solar car team. Hasn't been updated in a while, but i'm not the webmaster.

American Solar Challenge - The homepage for the American Solar Challenge, the race from Chicago to LA on Route 66.

World Solar Challenge - The Australian race from Darwin (Northern Territory) to Adelaide (Southern Australia).