Table of Contents Introduction
These are the memories I've had on my school's FIRST robotics team, Los Altos High School and Nasa Ames, team 114.

1999 Season

An overhead view of the playing field,
with our robot on the left.

Contemplating a mechanism for lifting the robot (just trust me).
This was the first year I was on the robotics team, and was the head of the electronics group (unfortunately, no one else did anything in my group, but the electronics worked). I also did a lot with the elevator and base. Unfortunately, we had lots of drive-train trouble, but the elevator worked most of the time.
Fixing the chain (as usual) in the pit.

2000 Season
During the 2000 season, I've had experience, so I was chosen to become the captain. I also ended up designing the base. This year, I knew the problems, so the base worked well. In fact, we enjoyed pushing everyone else around. Unfortunately, the ball lifting thingy didn't work, so we ripped it out for the nationals and put in a pole-grabbing device (the hook). The hook was cool. We hooked onto the bar at the beginning, let the rope out, pushed people off the ramp, then at the end pulled ourselves up.
Photos coming soon.

This is the robot, with the hook, at our pit in Florida.

Here our team poses in front of the FIRST banner in Florida.