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Mike Seeman: Research
A number of research projects I have worked on for the past several years:


  • Electromechanical Valve Drive:

    W.S. Chang, T.A. Parlikar, M.D. Seeman, D.J. Perreault, J.G. Kassakian and T.A. Keim, "A New Electromagnetic Valve Actuator," in IEEE Workshop on Power Electronics in Transportation, pp. 109-118, Auburn Hills, MI, October 24-25, 2002.

    Y.H. Qiu, T.A. Parlikar, W.S. Chang, M.D. Seeman, T.A. Keim, D.J. Perrealt and J.G. Kassakian, "Design and Experimental Evaluation of An Electromechanical Engine Valve Drive," 35th Annual IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference, Aachen, Germany 2004, pp. 4838-4843.

    T.A. Parlikar, W.S. Chang, Y.H. Qiu, M.D. Seeman, D.J. Perreault, J.G. Kassakian, T.A. Keim, "Design and experimental implementation of an electromagnetic engine valve drive," IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, Oct. 2005, pp. 482-494.

UC Berkeley:

  • Micro Glider: Working on the 5mW, 200V supply for piezo drive. The out-of-date glider web site.

    Piezo DC-DC and controller board (450 mg)

    Intermediate glider system

    R.J. Wood, S. Avadhanula, E. Steltz, M. Seeman, J. Entwistle, A. Bachrach, G. Barrows, S. Sanders and R.S. Fearing, "Design, Fabrication and Initial Results of a 2g Autonomous Glider," 31st Annual Industrial Electronics Conference, Raleigh, NC 2005.

    E. Steltz, M. Seeman, S. Avadhanula, R.S. Fearing, "Power Electronics Design Choice for Piezoelectric Microrobots," IEEE Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Oct. 2006, pp. 1322-1328.

  • Pico Radio / Pico Cube Group: Working on an integrated power converter for nanopower remote sensor nodes. Should be pretty cool.

    Layout and die photo of my power processing chip.

  • Switched-Capacitor Converter Research: Individual, more theoretical research on switched-capacitor power converters.

    M. D. Seeman, S. R. Sanders, "Analysis and Optimization of Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converters," IEEE Computers in Power Electronics Workshop, Troy, NY, July 16-19, 2006.