(Obsolete) Java AVR Programmer Notes

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To program Atmel AVR chips, I wrote a java program (in development). Currently, it works with only a couple chips (see the top of the file for the supported chips). If you would like for me to add a chip, or have any other comments or suggestions, please email me using the contact form.

The current version can be downloaded here.
Before running or compiling the program, a java serial library must be installed. Obtain the most recent source tarball from http://www.RXTX.org. In this archive, there is a readme file for MacOS X. Follow the instructions in this file to install the library.
To compile the java program, type:
% javac avrjavaprog.java
To run the program (or to get the options), run
% java AvrJavaProg
My typical run looks like:
% java AvrJavaProg -p 4 object.rom
To access this program from any directory, copy this class and the shell script avr-prog to one of your bin directories, and then run (for instance):
% avr-prog -p 4 object.rom

Copyright 2002-2003, Mike Seeman.